Accommodation in Puerto Lopez

Spanish School in Ecuador

Puerto López is the ecological capital of the Ecuadorean coast, is a small fishing village set in an arched bay on the Pacific coast in the Ecuadorian Manabí Province. It is a region dedicated to tourism and the environment and a perfect launching point for discovering the natural marvels of Machalilla National Park.

We only teach one-to-one although group study is available for pre-existing groups upon prior arrangement.

Puerto López itself is a small town of about 10 000 people on the coast of Ecuador. It is the main centre of the canton of Puerto López, which includes a few smaller villages, to the north (Machalilla) and south (Salango, Puerto Rico, Las Tunas, Ayampe). The region offers a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and facilities to suit every style nd budget. There are also many tourism operators who can help you plan your trips and enjoy the region.


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