Spanish Classes & Surf Lessons

Spanish School in Ecuador

Combine a great surfing vacation with learning Spanish. Our Spanish Language schools are located at some of the best breaks on the planet.

Puerto López Spanish Language School is located on the Pacific Coast of Manabi, Ecuador with a close up view of the world famous surfing beach, Montañita. You can learn to surf on the beaches of Rio Chico, Ayampe, Salaite.

Our School is the perfect place to come and learn this extreme and fun sport called SURFING. We want you to enjoy Puerto Lopez (Machalilla National Park) and all it has to offer being a town very rich in ecuadorian and surfing culture.

Each Class of Surf includes transportation from your hotel to the beach where the class will be given and then back to your hotel, rashguard & long board (which is a special surfboard for beginners). Once you are picked up from your hotel you will be taken to a beach depending on the conditions of the waves and swell of that day. The instructor will explain each part of the surfboard and what its use is. Once you have gone through all the parts of the board you will be given a basic theory on how to paddle, lay and stand on the board. The theory on the beach will last around 10 to 15 minutes. You will then be taken in to the water and put into practice what you learnt on the beach under careful watch of the instructor who will push you in the waves and aid you in case you fall off the board. The class can be of one hour in the water and fifteen minutes theory on the beach or 2 hours in the water and fifteen minutes theory. Once the class is finished you can be taken back to your hotel or you can stay and enjoy the beach.

Prices for surfing:

Spanish Classes & Surf Lessons
(please add your Spanish course price) and $75 per week for 5 x 1.5 hour surf lessons, including board.


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