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Spanish Classes and Diving Course

Puerto Lopez is the perfect location for students to learn Spanish. It's also a great place to learn how to dive. The town has several Tour Operator but we have chosen to work with one of the most experienced, Machalilla Tours. They also speak English, so if their instructions in Spanish aren't clear, these can readily be translated.

Yes you're looking to learn to dive as a beginner or improve on prior knowledge at the same time as developing your Spanish skills, This area of the Pacific coast has excellent diving opportunities in the Machalilla National Park. Salango Island, Los Ahorcados, Machalilla, La Playita and Isla De La Plata (the best diving around, similar with diving in the Galapagos)

The Spanish and Diving courses are offered to suit all language and diving abilities so grab your swim stuff and get a flight out now!


Course A: Diving for Beginners


The Diving for Beginners course is a 3-day course leading to the PADI Open Water certificate for dives of up to 18 meters.

The course includes theoretical sessions, pool sessions, 4 ocean boat dives and equipment. Students will need 2 passport size photos.

As a first step students are required to read 3 chapters of the PADI open water manual. They need to do this before day 1 of the course.

  • Day 1 of the course goes over the theory, introduces students to the equipment and includes initial training in a swimming pool (6 to 8 hours). This first training session will normally take place on a Saturday or Sunday, so as not to clash with the Spanish classes held in the mornings.
  • Day 2 students practice the skills learned at the pool in shallow ocean reefs (3 hours in the afternoon).
  • Day 3 students dive up to 60ft in open water, practice more skills and take the final dive test (4 hours in the afternoon).


Course B: Advanced Diving Course


This is a 2-3 day course that leads to the PADI certificate for dives up to 30 meters. A pre-requisite for participating in the course is the PADI Open Water Course certificate or equivalent.

The course includes sessions on the theoretical aspects of diving and 5 ocean dives. The ocean dives include: 1 navigation dive, 1 deep dive, and 3 optional dives (photography, video, wreck dives, night dives, etc.).

All dives and other activities are programmed so as not to clash with the Spanish lessons taken in the mornings.


Course details

  • Start dates are the same as the intensive Spanish Course start dates for beginners.
  • Duration: 2-3 weeks
  • Hours/day: 4 hours Spanish + diving sessions as described
  • Levels: All levels
  • Minimum age: 16



Course A

  • Intensive Spanish (1 week ) + Diving Discovery (1 days): 105 US$
  • Intensive Spanish (2 weeks) + Diving Discovery (2 days): 190 US$
  • Intensive Spanish (3 weeks) + Diving Discovery (3 days): 270 US$

Course B

  • Intensive Spanish (1 week) + Diving Course (3 days): 400 US$

Included: Level test, programme of social activities, all diving equipment and facilities.

Note that there is no registration fee for our courses.


Intensive Spanish + Diving Course

Spanish School in Ecuador

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