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Salango is a rural parish of Puerto López Canton, Manabí Province, Ecuador.

Salango a small fishing village in the central coastal Ecuadorian province of Manabi, is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and approximately 6 km south of Puerto López.

Salango is a village with a rich pre-Columbian history, with about 5000 years of History and Culture. Lived here pre-Columbian cultures: Valdivia, Machalilla, Chorrera-Engoroy, Bahia, Guangala, Manteña.

Salango is settled on the shores of the Pacific south of Manabi, in the buffer zone of National Park Machalilla, In front of it you will see the Salango Island.

Salango’s main features are its excellent seafood and an archaeological museum, Museo Salango. The museum has a small exhibition of pottery and sculptures from ancient Valdivia and Manteña cultures as well as a center of investigation. At the time of writing the museum is being expanded with interactive exhibitions planned.

La Isla de Salango ("Salango Island"). In addition to observing the variety of seabirds such as frigates, pelicans, and the famous blue-footed boobies, snorkelling alongside the island reveals a white coral reef, rock fish, and the famous Spondylus, an endangered shellfish endemic to the coast of Salango.


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