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Montanita is a town located on Ecuador’s coast. It has historically been a Surf Point in Ecuador for it has been highly recognized in the surfing world since the 1970‘s. Over the years, the tourism has grown greatly and the town is now one of the most important tourist places in Ecuador. The town has something of a hippy-ish atmosphere to it, with a laid back ambience. It is difficult to feel stressed in Montañita, and tourists visiting just for a day or two often end up staying a lot longer.

What was once a quiet town with a few surfer tents pitched along the coastline and wooden fishermen homes has developed into a quaint seaside resort destination that welcomes thousands of foreign visitors each year. The surfers still flock to this idyllic location in the Santa Elena province, but the town now has a host of accommodation options, exciting attractions and thrilling activities for all to enjoy.

Montanita is truly the Ecuadorian surf capital, offering one of the best and most consistent surf spots in South America. "La Punta" ( the Point) is located just a ten minute walk down the beach, or you can surf the beach break directly in front of town. The high season is from December to May, and generally it is sunny and warm every day. This is also the best time for good surf and many surf competitions. From the end of May to November, the weather is overcast and cooler and mists with rain most days. During these months, the Humpback whale travels up the coastline to mate. Amazingly, there are many days you can see them swimming from your hotel balcony, or you can chose to take a whale watching expedition and see them up close.

Montanita is a small town, but is full of local residents (both native and Ecuadorian) and people from all over the world. Bohemians, artisans, travelers, backpackers, surfers and tourists mix peacefully in this exotic town.


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