Machalilla Parish

Spanish School in Ecuador

Traditional fishing port, is one of the largest providers of sardines to the country's main industries. With a beach paradise, Machalilla its deep water port was in the beginning of the colonial era, one of the major ports in Ecuador, where ivory and wood was exported to other South American countries. Today is where a large fishing fleet is mainly dedicated to the provision of sardines and other pelagic species. Machalilla visit is to have an opportunity to recreate in beautiful places like the Beach candlesticks, it is possible to snorkel in the island Sucre or walk at low tide by a long stony beach both north and south.

In the month of June is a very important holiday and the canton Machalilla Puerto Lopez, The Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, events that have been considered as intangible cultural heritage of Ecuador, where governments of Whites and Blacks, for three consecutive days pay tribute to the Holy Apostles Catholic, with parties, dances, theater and various cultural events and festivals.

Only five minutes are the famous beaches of the Friars and is the access to this beautiful beach resort. The Sombrerito and El Rocio are two trails located in the tropical dry forest that start at 5 minutes north of the Parish Machalilla, these trails will show this tropical dry forest preserved in primary state, complemented with beautiful pristine beaches of this side the Ecuadorian coast.


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Machalilla Parish.