Host Family in Puerto Lopez

Spanish School in Ecuador

Ecuatorian Family Homestays

Immersion is the most effective way to learn a language. Accordingly, the Puerto Lopez Spanish Language School urges serious students of Spanish to consider homestays. Homestays offer hours of additional Spanish language practice in real life cultural contexts.

Living with a Ecuatorian family can be an exceptional experience for the students in that it gives them a real taste of the Ecuatorian culture and helps accelerate their learning of the Spanish language. Puerto Lopez Spanish Language School has carefully selected families who are genuinely interested in welcoming their homestay students as another family member, to provide more than a clean and comfortable place to sleep. We ask them to involve you in all aspects of their daily lives from shopping at the local market to dinner table conversations, weekend activities, birthday parties, and weddings.

You can participate in daily conversations with families, join them for meals and receive homework assistance when necessary. Students find that this experience greatly enhances their learning of the Spanish language and can also lead to life-long friendships.

This options is for students who want to learn Spanish very very well. Price includes breakfast, dinner.


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