Agua Blanca Community

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Agua Blanca is a commune in Machalilla Parish, Puerto López Canton, Manabí Province, Ecuador. It is east of the city of Puerto López.

Agua Blanca, the territory of an indigenous community (Culture Manta). The community of Agua Blanca, with a rich cultural history and archaeological remains of some of South America´s most ancient civilizations. The community has a small church and a archaeological museum in the center of the village. The church is fantastically painted in bright colours.

The area itself is in Machalilla National Park and it requires a small entry fee for tourists. The park is home to a sulphur lake which smells strongly of rotten eggs. The water and the underlying mud are extremely good for the skin because of the sulphur in deposits. Around the lake one frequently sees humming birds feeding at the flowers overhanging the water..


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Agua Blanca Community.