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Welcome to Puerto Lopez Spanish Language School

Puerto Lopez Spanish Language School was founded out of our passion for foreign languages and helping people achieve their goal of speaking a foreign language. We had seen too many frustrated or defeated students who thought they could not learn a foreign language because of past experiences. We believe that everyone can learn a foreign language and we have developed a straight forward approach coupled with providing students essential real life speaking practice with fluent instructors needed to successfully achieve fluency.

Mission Statement

Puerto Lopez Spanish Language School is the best place to learn Spanish because it is student-focused, enjoyable and affordable.

The mission of Puerto Lopez Spanish Language School is:

  • to deliver high-quality Spanish to students from around the world;
  • to help students improve their Spanish skills for academic purposes, career advancement and everyday social purposes;
  • to focus on the students' individual needs and interests to help them learn languages as quickly as possible;
  • to offer a professional, caring and friendly atmosphere.



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